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Data highlighter

What is the Data Highlighter?

The Data Highlighter is a free webmaster tool provided by Google and part of the Google Tag Manager. With the highlighter, website operators can inform Google about data available in structured form on their website. The data fields are marked and tagged with the mouse. The tagged data is displayed by Google in the search results as a rich snippet or, for example, in Google’s Knowledge Graph in an attractive form.

The Data Highlighter allows you to highlight, for example, entries for specific events, such as the name of the event, the location and the date on the website. The next time the website is crawled by the Google Bot, this data is collected by Google and displayed in the search results as rich snippets.

tips and tricks

Here are some tips for the optimal use of Data Highlighter:

Importance of the Data Highlighter in online marketing

Google’s Data Highlighter supports different types of data that can be used to inform the search engine about specific content on a web page. The supported data types include

  • Articles / Events /Local companies
  • Restaurants / Products / Software programs
  • Movies / TV episodes / books

Webmasters can create so-called page groups to indicate which subpages of a domain contain certain data by means of the Data Highlighter. A page group is a collection of individual web pages that contain the data in a consistent form. Web pages with different data organization and different templates for certain data can be combined into page groups.

You can find further information about Data Highlighter here:

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