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Dedicated server

Servers are the basis for the Internet and a company’s internal IT infrastructure. Dedicated servers take over specific functions for specific users.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a server whose resources are available to one customer alone or whose performance is used for one application or function. The processor power, the memory and the mass storage are completely used for an application, for example a website. Dedicated servers can be individually configured and adapted to the respective requirements of the user.

Mode of use

Servers can be set up and operated by an external service provider or in-house. Dedicated servers are used as:

Dedicated servers

are divided into Dedicated to a Customer and Dedicated to a Service. Dedicated to a Customer means that the server is only used by one customer but for different applications. Dedicated to a Service means that the server is only used for one specific application, for example as a game or database server. Especially complex websites with a high number of visitors and an extensive database benefit from the high performance of a dedicated server.

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