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DENIC eG is the central registry for all domains ending in .de. The abbreviation DENIC stands for “Deutsches Network Information Center”. The Network Center is recognized as a non-profit organization and has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

What data can be queried about a DENIC domain?

[su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#187bc0″ indent=”-5″] The data output of domain queries has been restricted since 25 May 2018 due to the DSGVO regulations. On the page you can see the following Whois data for a de domain:

    • Domain status: registered or not registered,
    • technical data: Name of the name server,
    • Information for contacting, for example for technical inquiries about the domain or for information about illegal use of the domain.

As the holder of the domain, you can also query the data you have deposited with the registry. For data protection reasons, third parties only receive limited information about the domain holder. The exceptions apply to the following circumstances:

    • Violation of the right to a name or trademark by the domain,
    • criminal prosecution, defence against danger, seizure order,

existence of a legitimate interest:

  • Claimant in the context of a civil attachment of domain holder’s claims,
  • Existence of an enforceable title for the attachment of domains.

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