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What are hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks represent one of the most significant foundations of the World Wide Web. When a user clicks on a hyperlink, he is redirected to another web page. In doing so, the user’s web browser automatically sends an HTTP request to the relevant web server, which outputs the target page and other relevant information. In addition to the host name of the server and the exact URL, a so-called“dereferrer” is also transmitted to the user’s web browser. The referrer is a component of an HTTP request that conveys information about the user’s origin to the server hosting the destination page.

What is a dereferrer?

A dereferrer (link anonymizer) is a website that is placed between the link source and the link destination and is used to redirect visitors. The aim of a dereferrer is to mask the URL of the linking website so that it is impossible to trace it back.

The providers

There are numerous providers that offer their visitors a link anonymization function. The redirection is usually implemented via a web presence set up specifically for this purpose. This manipulates the HTTP request of the web client so that the original referrer is replaced by a random string or URL.

The best-known services in Germany are:

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