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DigitalOcean is a relatively new provider in the hotly contested cloud business. The provider has only been active on the market since 2011, but thanks to its specialisation in the particular requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, it has been able to assert itself against established cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft within a short space of time.

Cost-effective cloud solutions

DigitalOcean offers developers the right cloud infrastructure for a relatively low monthly fee. The company places a particular emphasis on the performance of its network infrastructure and advertises that it is the only cloud provider on the market that uses only modern SSD drives for storage. DigitalOcean also operates a large number of its own data centers, which are distributed worldwide and located in strategically important locations. For German customers, it is extremely interesting that the provider operates its own data center in Frankfurt in addition to data centers in the UK and the Netherlands. This not only brings shorter latency times, but also the aspect of data storage in the Federal Republic is likely to be of interest to various companies.

Cloud product and cloud services at a glance

[su_list icon=”icon: commenting-o” icon_color=”#187bc0″ indent=”-5″] DigitalOcean ‘s infrastructure consists of the following components:

  • Apps
  • Teams
  • Networking
  • Block storage
  • Compute

DigitalOcean ‘s offering is particularly targeted at developers. Within a very short time, developers can deploy their projects to the provider’s servers via the easy-to-use interface or the REST API. Various images of pre-installed operating systems are also available, which can be quickly and easily executed via Docker[/su_list].

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