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Double opt-out

What does Double Opt-out mean?

Double Opt-out is a two-step process by which users can unsubscribe from a newsletter.

It takes two clicks to complete the logout:

  • Users initiate their cancellation with a first click, usually a corresponding link can be found in the newsletter.
  • The second step in double opt-out is an email from the company with a link to unsubscribe. Only when users click on this link will they no longer receive the newsletter.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Doubleclick Opt-out?

  • Companies make it difficult to unsubscribe
  • Some users fail to confirm the unsubscription
  • Companies can still send the newsletter
  • With the first click, users make it clear that they no longer wish to receive it
  • That is why they are unlikely to react to further mails with an open mind
  • The mails will fizzle out without effect

In the worst case, the addressees are annoyed with the company and consider it dubious due to the cumbersome unsubscribe procedure by e-mail.

You can find more information about the double opt-out here:

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