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Data Hub Activity

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Data Hub Activity?

Data Hub Activity is a report in Google Analytics and contains data about how and where content was shared and commented on social networks. The data is limited to the social networks that are partners of Google Analytics .


This does not include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

What social media information does the Data Hub Activity Report contain?

  • Viewing the social networks that content was shared on,
  • Indication of URLs that were shared or commented on,
  • Information about how and where content was shared or commented on,
  • Share of social media contribution to Conversions
  • User flow: What interactions followed each other?
  • User conversations: How do users talk about your website?

The report can be filtered by social networks.

How to evaluate the Data Hub Activity report?

An analysis is only possible for data from the data hub partners of Google . For example, you could see in the report what comments were written on a page in Google Groups, who added a web page as a favorite in Reddit, or filed a page in Pocket to read later.

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