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Data Mining

Data is the basis for business decisions and can provide clues to fraudulent activity. In computer science Data Mining is used for the analysis of various data for information retrieval.

What does Data Mining mean ?

Data Mining refers to the recognition and extraction of correlations and patterns from data sets using mathematical, linguistic and statistical methods. The aim is to transform the information into a structure suitable for further processing and analysis. The Data Minings methods are particularly used for the analysis of data sources that have little or no structure, such as texts or the behavioral patterns of users of a computer system.

Where is Data Mining used?

Data extraction and analysis is a branch of computer science. It is used in areas where large amounts of data need to be examined for specific patterns. Areas of application are:

  • Analysis of texts, the so-called text mining
  • Analysis of financial data
  • Marketing and trade
  • Telecommunications
  • Detection of network intrusion attempts

Data Mining is used, for example, to detect certain behavioral patterns in the field of telecommunications that indicate fraudulent intentions. An important role is played by data extraction and analysis for so-called intrusion detection, i.e. the detection of all activities that could endanger the integrity as well as the availability and confidentiality of network resources.

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