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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Debugging mean ?

When programs and websites are tested or have errors, developers resort to Debugging functions. Today’s software is often very complex and can consist of thousands of lines of code. In addition, components of different programming languages are mixed together to achieve the best possible benefit for the end user.

Dynamic web pages are a good example of this:

A single web page may consist of the building blocks HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others. If a web page is called up and reports an error, it is not immediately obvious in which line of code or in which component the creator made a mistake. With developer or Debugging tools, the program lines can be worked through step-by-step to track down and eliminate the problem. Network and connection errors are detected in the same way.

Professional software development follows procedural models to ensure the quality and stability of the final product. The programs pass through the following stages:

  • Recording requirements (creating specifications)
  • Software development in the test system
  • Implementation in the productive system
  • Testing and maintenance

For the latter three stages, Debugging is used. Every modern software has a debugger for this purpose, which can be opened in the same mode or in an external window. The developer sets breakpoints in it to stop and analyze the flow of the programs at certain points. At these stops, the behavior of a program loop, a command or the content of variables is checked.

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