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The term DevOps describes a process improvement approach that is primarily used in software development and system administration. The term is a so-called portmanteau of the two words “development” and “information technology Operations.

DevOps in modern software development

DevOps pursues the goal of optimizing the areas of development, IT operations and quality assurance and ensuring better cooperation between the individual areas. To achieve this, special approaches, processes and tools are used. The optimized cooperation of the different sub-areas both improves the speed of software development in the long term and optimizes the cooperation between the individual teams.

Integration with new development processes

When developing software products, developers often follow a specific process model. Some well-known process models are, for example:

  • Waterfall Model or the V-Model
  • Rapid-Application-Development-Model or the RAD-Model
  • agile Application-Development-Model

The agile approach represents the most widely used process model in software development today. It uses processes from the RAD model and combines them with an agile approach. Agile development is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, which allows the individual teams to adapt to new requirements and circumstances within a very short time. The development and testing of the software are closely combined in order to be able to quickly find and correct errors in the programming.

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