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Dialogue marketing

Dialogue marketing is a subcategory of direct marketing. Companies address consumers in a variety of customer-specific ways:

  • by telephone
  • postal
  • electronically

On the basis of personal data, they offer the products or services in which the recipients are interested based on their previous purchasing behavior. In online marketing, companies also use click behaviour, which they track by means of tracking.

What are the advantages of dialogue marketing?

With non-specific direct marketing, there are considerable scatter effects. Many consumers receive advertising that does not belong to the target group. This leads to unnecessary costs. With dialogue marketing, companies avoid this problem. In addition, this increases the chance that the addressees will make sales thanks to the personal approach. The prerequisite is exact data about regular customers and potential new customers.

What kind of qualification possibilities exist?

Since 2006, there has been an apprenticeship for dialog marketing that is state-recognized within the framework of the dual system. Dual courses of study at universities of applied sciences also offer this focus. In addition, many institutes for further education deal with this subject. Job opportunities exist with training in dialogue marketing in an agency for online or offline marketing or directly with companies in the marketing department. In all training and further education courses, it is of interest whether the focus is on e-commerce. Despite all the fundamental similarities of dialogue marketing in online and offline marketing, there are serious differences in data collection, data evaluation and implementation.

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