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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DIN EN ISO 9241 is a standard that describes the interaction between humans and computers. It was initially conceived as a European standard (this is evident from the abbreviation EN) and was adopted exactly by Germany, where it bears the title “Ergonomics of human-system interaction”.

Structure of the standard designation

The name of the standard is made up of various components:

  • DIN: German Industrial Standard
  • EN: European Norms
  • ISO: International Organization for Standardization
  • 9241: Number of the standard for exact identification

Contents of DIN EN ISO 9241

The standard addresses the ergonomic requirements that work at a computer screen in the office should meet. Its aim is to ensure that healthy working is integrated into everyday working life in a sustainable manner. It also focuses on the user-friendliness that a computer should ideally offer its users. One example of this is the workplace design. It should enable a posture in which an employee does not get back pain, for example, even when working for longer periods of time.

Several parts in a single standard

The standard consists of numerous parts that have been modified again and again. They include aspects such as the aforementioned workplace design, but also requirements for keyboards and other input devices as well as requirements for the working environment.

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