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Domain hijacking

Domain hijacking is generally defined as the attempt to transfer or steal ownership or control of a domain from its rightful owner. It often involves a fraudulent registration request or other false change to a domain’s registration. This type of activity usually harms the rightful domain owner.

How do the hijackers go about it?

When hijacking domains, a hijacker often tries to use a domain for their own purposes.

This involves sophisticated Phishing practiceshijackers create websites that trick users into believing they are on the website of a trusted brand or other party. Hijackers can then program these websites to collect data about visitors

One significant trend involves trademarks and the Internet itself. When a domain is hijacked, those who mistakenly acquire a domain can capture the domain specifically associated with a trademark.
A similar but reverse practice, referred to as a reverse domain hijacking occurs when a trademark owner attempts to empower other domain owners.

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