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What is Dorking?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dorking is also called Google-Dorking or Google-Hacking. It is not an attack on the search engine, but on the web pages that can be found via Google. Special search queries are used to filter out content from the web pages that is not intended for the public. This usually involves sensitive data such as user names, passwords, e-mail addresses or secret documents.

Google -Dorking as a passive attack

Hacking has been practiced for a long time and has been refined over the years. It is not that difficult, as all that is needed is to set up a few additional search parameters. The reasons are very diverse. For example, the data obtained can be used for cyber terrorism, industrial espionage, identity theft or cyber stalking.

Why does it work?

It is essentially based on ignorance and carelessness. It is not at all uncommon for private individuals to store sensitive data on completely unprotected servers. Carelessness also occurs in smaller or larger companies. In such cases, it is relatively easy for hackers to gain access to secret company documents via Google dorking and to use these documents for industrial espionage, for example.

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