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Dwell time

What does Dwell Time mean?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dwell Time means in German dwell time, in search engine optimization it indicates the span from clicking a link of a search engine to the return to the search engine. Google and other search engines use this value to assess the quality of their search engine rankings. If many users have a short dwell time, they assume that the rankings for the corresponding search terms do not match the users’ intention.

This can be based on two reasons:

  • You enter a keyword, but mean something other than Google and Co.
  • Alternatively, websites with the desired topic appear in the top rankings, but users find them of inferior quality for various reasons. This can be due to content with too little information value or stylistically poorly written texts, for example.

What does dwell time mean from a site operator’s perspective?

Those responsible for a homepage have a strong interest in long dwell times, in the commercial sector they increase the chance of sales. A short dwell time can be based on different reasons. Besides the mentioned aspects content and style, usability plays an important role. Unclear pages overwhelm users, many quickly abandon the visit. An overall poor web design can also lead to a quick abandonment.

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