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Facebook Connect

What is Facebook Connect

Through the use of Facebook Connect, users can use their Facebook profile to sign in to other web services. Usually, users have to provide an email address and password when logging in to a web service. However, in recent times, more and more online service providers are offering the option to log in using the details of one’s Facebook account.

Facebook Connect | Samsung Laptop

Fast and comfortable registration process

The user arrives at the web presence of a web service and is presented with the option to log in via Facebook Connect. This usually only requires a click on the button provided. A pop-up window in the design of the Facebook login page then opens. Here the user enters his Facebook access data and agrees to the data transfer between Facebook and the web service.

The following user information is usually transmitted:

  • Full Name
  • Profile picture of the user
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Friends list

After the successful linking between the web service and Facebook, the user is automatically granted access to the user area of the web service.

Use from Facebook Connect

Over the years, Facebook has established itself as the industry leader in the social networking sector, where it now enjoys a dominant position.


It makes the sign-up process much simpler and faster, resulting in more users on the respective web services.

Since a large proportion of Internet users already have a user account there, the use of Facebook Connect is particularly beneficial for other web services.

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