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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is a Favicon?

A Favicon is a small, square graphic that is displayed in the browser tab when a website is opened. Usually the company logo is used for the mini-graphic or a part of the corporate identity. The term is derived from the English word favourite (German: bevorzugt) and icon (symbol). Usually Favicons is displayed in the browser tab in modern browsers. It can also be seen in the bookmarks overview next to the selected web pages.

What are the benefits of Favicons?

The graphic in the browser tab significantly strengthens the recognition value of a website. This is most noticeable when you have several tabs open at the same time and can orientate yourself more easily using the coloured mini-graphics.

Favicon s are particularly helpful for recognition on mobile devices when websites are saved on the home screen or bookmarks are set up.

What free generators are available?

If you search Google for “Favicon generator”, you will find a variety of generators. Most of them are online tools with which you can quickly convert a logo into a small graphic, for example. The tools differ mainly in whether you can simply upload and convert logos and graphics or you can create your own Favicons via an editor.

Some commonly used generators:


It’s worth trying out different generators. Some offer interesting special options.

In which format should Favicons be created?

Generators for Favicons usually offer a choice of file formats. Usually, Favicons are included in PNG format or as .ico files. While current browsers have no problems with Favicons in PNG format, many older browsers only recognize Favicons in the classic. ico file format. Therefore you are on the safe side with the .ico file format. Favicon s in this format also have the advantage that they are automatically recognized when stored in the root directory of the website. If Favicons are stored in another directory, the exact file path must be specified.

Can Favicons change the loading time?

When calling up websites, browsers automatically search for a Favicon. If none is stored, this can increase the loading time. Occasionally, even a 404 error message is generated.

Conclusion of the OM Optimiser team

Favicon s increase the recognizability of Internet presences with customers and prospective customers. Already with the call of a Website the small recognition diagram is to be seen. Over different free generators it is easy to provide.

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