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Global Market Finder

Global Market Finder is a tool from Google, which is officially intended to research suitable markets for your own company anywhere in the world. In fact, however, it is especially well suited for creating functioning AdWords ads – and this for free. The Global Market Finder combines the data from the Keyword Tool, the Traffic Estimator and Insights for Search. The tool then creates an analysis of search data, competition and click prices for individual markets. Alternatively, the Market Finder can also analyse your own website and list markets for which it would be particularly suitable.

How the Global Market Finder works

The website analysis is very simple. On the start page of Market Finder, the user enters his own URL. The system then filters out the individual categories and displays the markets in which these are particularly often searched for.

If you want to research keywords for Adwords ads, proceed as follows:

[su_list icon=”icon: commenting-o” icon_color=”#187bc0″ indent=”-5″] Note: Germany is chosen as an example. Of course, the whole thing also works with all other countries.

  • Create a Google account and sign in.
  • Select Germany as the market and German as the language.
  • Enter the search terms under Keywords
  • . Up to 100 keywords are possible.

  • On the right under the note “Filter” must be “G20”.
  • Click on “Show potential
[/su_list]” and that’s it.

The monthly search queries in Germany, the intensity of the competition and the recommended bid for each click are displayed for the individual keywords. The analysis is visually somewhat awkward: The own search terms are displayed in the order entered and not broken down by potential. At this point, it becomes apparent that Google has been maintaining the global Market Finder more poorly than well for several years.

To the article
  • The potential of new markets can be easily determined.
  • Keywords for Adwords campaigns can also be determined without the keyword planner.
  • Suggested click prices are displayed transparently and thus facilitate planning.
  • Terms are translated automatically. If the tool cannot do this for certain keywords, no analysis is created for them. This can be a problem with synonyms or phrases, for example.
  • Keywords with low search volume are ignored.
  • Google treats the tool relatively stepmotherly.

So how good is the tool? SEO experts put it in a nutshell as follows: The tool is primarily useful “to query the exact search volume of keywords without registration and completely free of charge” – but no more.

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