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Gender Marketing

What is Gender Marketing?

Gender Marketing is based on the idea that buying and consumption behaviour follows gender-specific rules. The buying behaviour of men is supposed to differ significantly from that of women, so the assumption. Gender marketing attempts to make this assumption economically viable through products and services for men/women.

General information

Since the late 1990s, Gender Marketing has been used in the U.S. to implement a coordinated targeting approach. However, the differences between the two gender groups are not only related to biological sex, but also include other factors such as:

  • Values
  • social conditions
  • the perception of the living world

Thus, when gender is mentioned in the Gender Marketings, it does not refer to stereotypes, but to certain behaviors that men and women present in different ways.

Significance for online marketing

Findings from the Gender Marketing play a significant role in online marketing and affect different areas. Starting with the visual design of an online shop, through certain functions in the shopping cart, to customer management, so-called “gender commerce” plays an important role.


However, it should be noted that, for example, too strong a focus on the color preferences of women and men can lead to a failure to market a particular product or service.

This is particularly the case if the advertising measures rely on clichés rather than actual findings from the Gender Marketing.

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