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What does Geo-IP mean ?

A Geo-IP is the mapping of an IP address to the exact geographic location of an Internet connection. By using this technology, different application scenarios can be realized, such as the geographical determination of website visitors or the exact control of advertising measures.

Functionality of a Geo-IP

As soon as a network-capable device connects to the Internet, it is assigned a corresponding IP address, which can be used to uniquely identify each device on the Internet and precisely determine its location. As soon as a user visits a website, the visitor’s IP address is automatically transmitted to the relevant web server. If tools are then used to read Geo-IP, the visitor’s location can be determined via his IP address.


High-performance analysis tools are said to deliver a hit accuracy of almost 95 percent, for example here

What are the advantages of Geo-IP for web analysis and usability?

  • Google uses Geo-IP as part of its web search to answer search queries even more precisely.
  • Web sites with information on the current weather or traffic situation can display location-based information to visitors.
  • Advertising programs such as Google AdWords can display location-based advertising thanks to Geo-IP.

Benefits for online marketing

The method is particularly interesting for online marketing, as the information gained about the location of visitors can be used to additionally optimise all online advertising measures. Potential customers can be addressed in a more targeted and personal way.

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