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Geotargeting is the location of a user by the IP address used. Each user is assigned an IP address. With an analysis it is possible to determine the location of the user. The assignment is not always clearly to a user, rather it is possible to assign each IP address to its owner.

Possible areas of application

This approach is particularly relevant for the marketing of companies. Two different areas of application are conceivable:

  • location-based services
  • location-based advertising

Location-based services

Location-based services provide users with a special offer depending on their location. For example, when accessing App, users are only shown the restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Location-based advertising

Location-based advertising involves limiting the target audience in terms of location. If a company offers its own services only in a certain region, it also makes sense to serve the advertising only to users from that region.

Quality of the process

The quality of the Geotargetingprocess is now comparatively high. Reliable technologies can map the IP address data precisely and assign a single IP address to a specific region.

Known application examples

  • Geotargeting is already used in everyday life in numerous companies. Users are not always aware that such methods are part of an offer.
  • For example, Youtube uses the procedures to identify the location of users. As a result, some videos are only accessible in certain regions of the world.
  • In addition, Paypal uses the analysis procedures to improve the security of the offer. Thus, Paypal can detect if a user logs in from a different location and may require further authentication.


This is the possibility to locate the location of a user by analyzing the IP address.
Geotargeting is used in marketing, for example. Companies can better identify their target group and avoid wastage.

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