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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> What is Gizmodo?

Gizmodo is the name of a gadgets weblog run by the us company Gawker Media. The website, which is offered in several languages, is one of the most influential and most widely read blogs in this genre. The fact that the offer is permanently attractive for many readers is proven by the more than 150 million page views per month.

History of the Gadgets Blog

The weblog was created shortly after the turn of the millennium. From 2002 on the website was online. In the first entries the authors dealt with the hardware producer Hewlett Packard (HP). At that time they reported about the largest hard disk in the world, which had a volume of 200 Gigabyte .

Owner Nick Denton wanted to use his blog to report regularly on gadgets and innovations. The founder hired journalist Peter Rojas as editor, who contributed significantly to the success of the service.


With its content, Gizmodo was an early and very significant pioneer of blog culture. Already in 2004, the website reached more than 1,000,000 million unique visits per month.

By running ads, the gadget weblog was commercially very successful. Denton used his success with the weblog to launch Gawker Media, a company that includes other offerings. These are based on the same business model that the operator has been following since 2002. The main idea is to write a lot of posts with little effort. The employed copywriters therefore write between 10 and 12 posts per day.

Expansion and takeovers

Gawker Media’s range of services was steadily expanded over the next few years with the addition of new Internet portals. For example, the company operated io9, a weblog for nerd culture and science fiction. In 2015, this website was integrated into the Gadget weblog.

Gawker Media was acquired by Univision Communications in 2016. This US media company sold the service and other sister sites belonging to Gawker Media to the bank Great Hill Partners in 2019.

Whether there will be another change of ownership in the future remains to be seen. However, it is likely that the English-language offer will remain in this and a similar form.

Until 2015, there was also a local offshoot, Gizmodo Germany, which also provided information about new technologies and innovative gadgets. However, a design and name change has since taken place. In Germany, the operator now uses the name Ubergizmo to provide information on the same topics.

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