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(Google) Traffic Estimator

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The (Google) Traffic Estimator was a tool provided by Google to support Google AdWords campaigns. The tool helped to select suitable keywords and to define a reasonable maximum ad price. Its task is fulfilled today by Google Keyword Planner.

The (Google) Traffic Estimator provided estimates on:

  • Search volume
  • Clicks
  • Click price
  • Ad position

Based on the values, the relationship of the planned bidding price and daily budget for keywords to the number of clicks and ad placement could be checked in advance.

By entering a keyword, the maximum price per ad and the daily budget, the (Google) Traffic Estimator calculated the position where the ad would probably be placed for corresponding search queries, how many clicks are to be expected and how high the Cost-per-Click (CPC) is on average for it.

This procedure checked the efficiency of keywords. Suitable and sought-after search terms could first be determined with the Google Keywords Tool and then checked with the Traffic Estimator.

Keyword Planner

Both tools were replaced by the Google Keyword Planner. This tool suggests keywords for products and topics and displays the associated search volume and the average CPC. Furthermore, the expected traffic for an ad with a fixed budget can be displayed for a keyword.

In highly competitive markets, ads on long-tail keywords, a combination of several keywords, can be worthwhile.

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