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Information On Demand

The term “Information On Demand” (IOD) is of English origin and translated into German means something like “information on demand”. In concrete terms, this means that information of various kinds can be provided and consumed for companies, organizations, customers and employees whenever it is needed.

General information about Information on Demand

Thanks to continuous technological developments and the rapid spread of the Internet, we live in an increasingly networked world in which all the world’s information is directly available for retrieval. Apps and innovative web services provide a perfect digital experience and consumers expect the same experience and service from every company and business they deal with for business or pleasure. The rapid digital transformations of recent years have led to serious changes in many markets in terms of customer expectations. However, although each industry is focused on a specific audience, customer expectations regarding Information On Demand are the same across industries.

Innovations in Customer Service

The biggest innovation in customer service occurred about 20 years ago with the advent of software systems to automate all business processes. This made the work of customer service employees much more efficient and less monotonous. In the second major revolution in customer support, these software systems were offloaded to the cloud, eliminating the need to explicitly purchase software and hardware and maintain them on-site.

Information On Demand is the third major revolution in customer support. The development and deployment of learning systems that make information available for on-demand at any time subtly give customers the ability to “educate” themselves without customers being explicitly aware of the process. This is made possible because the right information is integrated as seamlessly as possible into the customer experience. This concept of so-called “microlearning” is already being embedded in products that are optimized and individualized through machine learning (ML).

Maximize availability with information on demand

Many consumers want to be able to access help around the clock. According to recent studies, around 42 percent of customers want a response to a customer support request within 60 minutes. One of the most important criteria in Customer Support today is to answer customer queries as quickly as possible. In this context, IOD can be extremely useful in providing customers with the information they are looking for immediately.
Information On Demand in everyday work

In an organization, employees are regularly informed about the latest happenings within the company. Every time an employee receives a message, he or she has to decide whether that message is relevant to him or her. In such cases, using Information On Demand is much more effective and easier. This way, employees can decide when and what information they need and can retrieve it themselves. For customer service and field service employees, up-to-date and relevant information is one of the most important work tools. Information On Demand gives field service representatives the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to customer-specific requests with relevant information at their fingertips. Information that is stored on a Cloud System is basically available everywhere and at any time.


IOD represents an innovative approach to optimizing the use and delivery of information in companies and organizations of all sizes.

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