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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is ImpressPages?

ImpressPages is a content management system, which is primarily based on the drag and drop principle. It was developed as open source and can be used free of charge. ImpressPages is known mainly for its simple and extremely user-friendly operation. The main focus is on the appealing design of a website, without any complex technical knowledge of the operator.

What functions does ImpressPages offer?

Similar to the construction kit principle, the user creates an individual website with the help of various content blocks. Some of these blocks include:

  • Headlines
  • Text blocks
  • Images
  • Galleries
  • Tables
  • Registration forms

Drag and drop the blocks to the desired location where they are filled and edited. The editing options are designed and limited in such a way that in the end the website definitely meets the usual requirements and conventions. Even inexperienced editors can quickly achieve a professional result.


In addition to the standard functions, numerous extensions are also available, with which the possibilities of the page can be expanded.

Technical requirements for use

ImpressPages can be installed and used on all Apache web servers with MySQL 5 and PHP 5.3 support or higher. In addition, the PHP libraries GDLib, mbstring, curl and PDO are required.

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