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What does inblog title mean?

Usually, users at Google use the simple search to find certain phrases or keywords. As a result, these searches can take a lot of time because the search engine displays many irrelevant search results, such as switched advertisements. The search operator Inblogtitle helps to make these searches significantly more effective. “Inblogtitle” is simply inserted before the word you want to search. As a result, those posts in which the keyword can be found in the title will now be displayed. Everything else is not displayed, so that the search results are condensed.

Example for the search using the search operator Inblogtitle

How does the search work exactly? If you are looking for something about dogs, you will inevitably come across a large number of hits at Google. Searching using the search operator (spelling “inblogtitle:dogs”) helps to center the results on those posts that are thematically about dogs. It does not search the body of the text itself. If you want to get specific information about dogs, you will reach your goal faster this way. If, for example, you want to link to other pages that deal with dogs, you will quickly find a large number of suitable results using the search operator.

Example for "Inblogtitle"

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In summary, it can be said:

  • Search operator for Google
  • Search only post titles
  • Body of text is not considered
  • More accurate hit results

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