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Inside Perpetrator

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Cybercriminals are usually the focus of attention when companies invest in their IT security. However, the attackers do not necessarily have to come from the outside. Internal perpetrators are attackers who carry out their attacks within a company. These people have already been inside the company, but they can also be infiltrators from the outside. Usually, they are individuals who have a high level of expertise. The offences can be, for example, embezzlement, sabotage or the theft of data. The reasons for becoming an internal perpetrator are very diverse. Usually, the employee is dissatisfied with his work, has not made the next career step or cannot identify with his employer. A lack of training can also lead to an employee becoming a de facto internal offender.

Countermeasures at different levels

In order to draw attention to the problem, awarness training is an option at the employee level. Further possibilities are the personal allocation of access rights or access management. Deep analysis can help to identify employees with an increased risk of error or those who have already engaged in criminal behavior and adjust access management accordingly – up to and including quarantining individual accounts.

In summary, the following can be said about internal perpetrators:

  • Perpetration from within the company
  • Data theft, sabotage, etc.
  • Different types of offences
  • Countermeasures on different levels

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