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What does JavaScript mean?

Java Script is a so-called “script language”, which is executed on the page of the Clients in the web browser. By using JS, web developers are able to design functional and responsive websites and web applications that offer a similar user experience as native Applikations.


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How is Javascript executed?

JS code can be inserted into HTML documents to make them gain functionality. There are different ways to achieve this:

  • JavaScript code can be located in the so-called “script tag”.
  • it can also be stored in an external file
  • JS code can also be implemented as an attribute of HTML tags
  • it can be integrated in the context of a HTML link


When including it in an HTML document, care should be taken to ensure that the JS script does not contain any errors that could possibly lead to problems in the display of the web page or to a poorer search engine ranking.

What are the fields of application?

The script language is extremely flexible and offers a variety of different applications. For example, website visitors can be counted, form entries can be checked or interactive menus can be created. A popular example is the shopping cart in online shops. As an extension of JavaScript can serve CommonJS as well as NodeJS. These provide, among other things, various API interfaces (Application Programming Interface), which can be used for the integration of existing JS-Applikations in applications such as web services or databases.

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