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Keyword Prominence

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Keyword Prominence mean ?

Keyword Prominence (or keyword awareness in German) refers to the position of the keyword within the key elements of a web page. It is one of the various important factors for search engine optimization. This means that your keywords should be prominent in the content of your web pages.

How do I achieve high Keyword Prominence?

Especially if a keyword is placed as close as possible to the beginning of the TITLE tag, the heading tags (H1, H2, H3 etc.) and the Meta DESCRIPTION of the page, it will have high prominence.

Website owners should always put your most important keyword at the very beginning of your TITLE, DESCRIPTION and H1 and H2 tags. It is also helpful to start the first and last sentences of the body text with the important keywords.

Pros and cons of Keyword Prominence

  • Higher relevance rating by search engines
  • Higher search engine ranking
  • More website visitors
  • Importance of keywords in search engine optimization can decrease
  • Nowadays it is secondary about the keywords and primary about the content relevance
  • Relevance can be increased with methods like link building

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