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Keyword Proximity

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Keyword Proximity mean ?

A search term can consist of a combination of keywords. The Keyword Proximity refers to the distance between each keyword in the search term. The smaller the distance between the individual keywords of a search term, the more relevant it is from the perspective of a search engine.

How does Keyword Proximity affect the search engine ranking?

The best way to explain the effect on search engine ranking is to use an example:

  • How keyword density affects search engine rankings
  • How keyword density affects search engine ranking

In the above example, if someone searched for “search engine rankings”, it is more likely that a web page with the second phrase will rank higher than the one with the first.
The reason for this is that the keywords are ranked closer together. Of course, this assumes that everything else is equal.

Many SEO-experts think that the Keyword Proximity only refers to the most important keywords. However, there is also a proximity effect for semantic keywords. The use of keywords that are close to each other is called semantic proximity. Google uses this as a ranking signal.


Semantic proximity is a concept that describes the similarity of documents or terms by type of their content.

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