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What does Linkbait mean ?

A particularly popular strategy in the field of online marketing and search engine optimization is the Linkbait, which is often referred to as clickbait. The goal is to generate as much traffic as possible for one’s own website, blog or other Internet offer. In doing so, as many backlinks as possible are gained, which should appear natural above all. Translated, Linkbait can also be described as “link bait”. Generally, there are different strategies that are used.


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Particularly popular strategies are:

  • Blogparades
  • Sweepstakes
  • Infographics
  • News
  • Tests
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Images
  • Tips for Tools
  • SEO-Contests
  • Information

Successful Linkbaits – the preconditions

The success of Linkbaits depends predominantly on the content offered. Therefore, the creation of relevant content is of great importance. Beyond that a successful Linkbait must be spread naturally also.

Excellent distribution possibilities are among others:

  • sensible seeding
  • Social Media Channels
  • Contacts via Xing
  • Contacts via Skype

In principle, it can be said that traffic-rich websites can launch significantly more successful Linkbaits than websites with little traffic. Another success factor of a link bait is the topicality. In this context, Linkbaits should always offer new information.


Finally, a good Linkbait should not be publicized as such. Really good clickbaits are generally not recognized by their appearance.

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