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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Linkerati are influential internet personalities who are characterized by a high reach. For example, reach takes the form of followers on a social network or many readers of a blog. They take an important role in online marketing. They represent multipliers of one’s own reach when they link or recommend one’s own content, for example.

Who are Linkerati?

The decisive factor for the classification is the reach. There are different groups and types. The most common groups of people who act as Linkerati include:

  • Blogger
  • Journalists
  • Social media personalities
  • Professional copywriters
  • Prominent

When a Linkerati places links to their own website, it can significantly increase traffic. Likewise, they often enjoy the status of opinion leaders. Their web presence is considered trustworthy, which is why outbound links can act as trust links. Thus, websites benefit from greater link power.


Another form of Linkeratis are individuals with high-reach pages or profiles on social networks. Posting or linking to a website on their social media presence can increase traffic just as much. Another example is celebrities, who can play a similar role due to their fundamentally high reach on the networks.

Importance and influence

Linkerati primarily serve to increase traffic. This is an advantage from a search engine optimization perspective. Incoming links from blogs or websites with high reach are also beneficial to link power. From the search engine’s point of view, this increases the trustworthiness of your own website. Depending on the context of the linking, the effect goes beyond pure traffic. In the case of genuine recommendations, this can contribute to the increase of Conversions in online marketing.

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