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.net (Shop)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does .net(Shop) mean?

With .net (Shop) a software solution for page building in online commerce is available, with which every user can create individual and unique Shopping worlds. With this software, the user has perfect control over his page content and can implement his personal Shop idea in a targeted manner.

Online shop

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The software solution provides a solution to all relevant problems in the field of onlineShops creating:

  • user has full control over his onlineShop
  • the use does not require knowledge in HTML / CSS programming
  • the integration in online-Shop-systems is completely possible
  • the legally secure design of the Shops is ensured with net (Shop)

Advantages and Disadvantages of .net (Shop)

  • The complete system is designed for customer retention and the generation of new customers - and is visually very user-friendly.
  • With a software solution for a net-Shop), the Shop operator can create a perfect combination of purchase incentive, storytelling and shopping experience with little effort and thus retain and generate new customers.
  • When selecting the design, the user has the greatest possible choice for his individual ideas.
  • The solution with a prefabricated system can of course never be as individual as a solution specially commissioned from a programmer for the Shop operator - .net (Shop) is, however, for example for start-ups with a small budget, a very good complete solution.

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