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Open Rate

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In email marketing, success monitoring is indispensable in order to be able to optimise the content and delivery times of the emails. An important key figure for measuring the success of e-mail campaigns is Open Rate.

Open Rate E-mail

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What is the Open Rate?

The Open Rate, in German “Öffnungsrate” is a key figure that indicates how many successfully delivered emails were opened by recipients. The figure is given as a percentage.

How is the Open Rate calculated?

In order to calculate the opening rate, it is first necessary to count how many recipients have opened the email. For example,


insert a 1 x 1 pixel transparent image or entire graphics into the mail

that is


not visible to the recipient

. The so-called tracking pixel is retrieved from the server and downloaded when the mail is opened. Each retrieval of the image from the server is counted.

The formula for calculating the opening rate is:

Open Rate = opened mails / (sent mails – undelivered mails) x 100 %.


If 100,000 e-mails were sent in an e-mail campaign, of which 10,000 could not be delivered and 900 were opened, this results in an open rate of: 900 / (100,000 – 10,000) x 100 % = 1 %.

If tracking pixels are used, the results may be incorrect. If a mail recipient has deactivated the downloading of images in his mailClient, the pixel will not be retrieved from the server and the mail will not be counted as opened.

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