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Outgoing links

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What are outbound links?

Outbound links, also called external links or Outbound Links, are links that point from one website to another domain.

Are outbound links a ranking factor?

For Google, a website’s outbound external links do not count as a ranking factor. However, external links that clearly indicate link exchange or link selling are evaluated negatively. In the worst case, this can lead to ranking losses. However, if they are well-considered links that enrich the content and generate added value for the user, there are no negative consequences to fear.

What should be considered when setting outbound links?

      • The target page should have a thematic reference
      • If possible, do not set more than three external links per page
      • Only link to trustworthy websites
      • Remember a no-follow flag for advertising links and links to less trustworthy sites
      • Do not include a keyword in the anchor text of outbound links
      • Do not place too many links at once
      • Only link to high quality sites that offer added value to the reader.

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