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Paid submission

What is a paid submission?

A paid submission is a paid membership. Online, for example, website operators can invest their money to have their website included in a web directory. The basic concept existed long before the World Wide Web: If a company paid to be listed in a business directory, this was nothing more than a paid submission.

Two types of paid submissions

It should be noted that there are two types of paid submissions in the modern world:

  • First of all, large directories with an excellent reputation do not guarantee inclusion for a fee. They only guarantee the processing of the application, but reserve the right to refuse it. In this way they want to preserve the integrity of their offer. This is necessary because this income is often their own income. They are therefore dependent on their offer being valued.
  • Secondly, for a fee, inclusion is guaranteed – this is especially true for smaller directories.

Payments also work in several two ways:

  • Firstly, can a one-off payment be made for a certain period of time. Then the own entry is deleted.
  • Secondly, is it a type of subscription that requires payment at regular intervals without cancellation. The entry remains in place for this.


Thirdly, it used to be common practice to pay once and be registered permanently. However, this variant is becoming less common.

The advantages of paid submissions for website operators

  • Locatability: In specific industries, search engines often do not provide satisfactory results. For example, if you need craftsmen with certain certifications, you will often not find them on Google and Co. Special online business directories provide better services in this respect.
  • Search engine optimization: Entries in reputable directories are valuable backlinks and therefore help with search engine optimization.

The disadvantages

  • The prices of many portals are not transparent.
  • Due to the increasing quality of search engines, directories are becoming less and less important. For this reason, one-off payments for “forever entries” are also on the decline.
  • Especially for smaller companies, freelancers and self-employed persons without in-depth market knowledge it is often difficult to identify the appropriate web directories.

Are paid submissions useful?

A Paid Submission is still useful in the right web directory. This is especially true for companies that are active in very specific industries and/or would have to spend large sums of money to compete in the field of search engine optimization. However, since Google and Co. are increasingly delivering better results, it is not advisable to sign long-term contracts or a subscription. Instead, the value of the corresponding investment should be re-evaluated at regular intervals (every one to two years). This also gives you the flexibility to test different directories.

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