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Paid Listing

What is a Paid Listing?

A Paid Listing is the paid mention of a website in search engines. The term stands in contrast to the organic listing, where the mention is made by relevance to the searched term. Paid Listing s are part of the marketing strategy of many companies.

How does the placement at Paid Listings work?

Placing a Paid Listings at Google is done through Google AdWords as an auction. Companies bid on keywords relevant to their website. Google then decides according to three factors which website will be listed at the top:

  • Submitted bid
  • AdRank
  • Quality level of the page

Those that meet all three factors in the best possible way appear at the top of the search results. Additional Paid Listings can also be further down, on the second page or on the margin.

Paid Listings Google Example


A Paid Listing is paid by means of cost-per-click. Only when a user actually calls up the website, the click price offered at the beginning is due to Google. This makes Paid Listings a financially low-risk advertising method.

For the greatest success, bids should be made on a keyword that is as specific as possible and the link should lead to content that matches it. For example, an onlineShop for wine does not bid on the generic, highly competitive keyword “buy wine” but on “wines from Franconia” and links to the corresponding subpage in Shop.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Paid Listings?

  • Paid search engine mentions give companies the opportunity to generate as much traffic as quickly as possible, even if their own site has not yet been optimized for search engines. The increased traffic also allows conclusions to be drawn about customer behaviour, the Conversion rate achieved and much more. Ideally, sales and brand awareness will increase significantly.
  • On the part of the user, Paid Listings can be hidden by using AdBlockers. Although this does not have any financial impact due to the CPC model, it does exclude a certain target group that can only be reached through organic mentions in the search engine ranking. Paid Listing s are marked as advertisements in the search results.

Harmonize Paid Listings and SEO?

In the long run, Paid Listings can increase the popularity of a website, which has a positive effect on organic search at Google. In a nutshell, they are a promising strategy for SEO to quickly gain more user data and drive an online offer. If new customers turn into regular customers you can be sure that Paid Listing has paid off.


Since the paid mentions are awarded in the form of an auction, it is not possible to name an exact amount. With intelligently chosen keywords with low competition, costs of a few cents per click are possible.
After the end of the advertising campaign, the web pages of the paid mention are again listed in the search results according to relevance, quality and the other ranking factors of Google. However, Paid Listings can make the site more successful in the long run, leading to better results.

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