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Pay per Click Out

What is Pay per Click Out?

Pay per Click Out refers to a model for “per click” paid online advertising. More precisely, it is a variant of PPC (Pay per Click), which is extended by the additional “out-click”. Same to the Pay per Click is that the advertiser remunerates the “mouse click” on his ad.


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Where is PPC advertising placed?

Simple PPC advertisements (likewise referred to as Cost per Click “CPC”) are among the main income of search engines.

Prominent examples of use:

  • First bullet point
  • Second bullet point
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Ads

In addition to SEA (Search Engine Advertising), as a component of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC display also belongs to the thematically same advertising family. In this case, the user clicks on an advertising banner.

IN and OUT – Advantages of Pay per Click Out

PPC should be called PPC-In in the last consequence. The “IN” stands for the in-click that the advertiser pays for. A “single click” directs the user to the linked destination. With this, the service is rendered.

Because CPC works so simply, it is vulnerable to abuse. With Pay per Click Out, the single mouse click is not enough to charge for the click.

The OUT click adds a second mouse click to PPC. For example, the user must click on the advertised item. It is not uncommon to additionally monitor the dwell time.


If he does not click a second time at Pay per Click Out, the obligation to pay for the advertising does not apply.

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