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Pay per Lead (PPL)

What is pay per lead?

Within various Affiliate-Programme there are different payment systems. One of these systems is called Pay per Lead (PPL). This remuneration system requires a qualified contact. Generally, it is not just a matter of a visitor, prospect, reader or other user clicking on a link and accessing a promotional offer. Instead, the contact must take various actions on the merchant’s website that entitle the affiliate to compensation. There are different ways to make qualified contacts. For example, PPL compensation occurs when new customers sign up for a newsletter as a result of affiliate advertising. In addition, Pay per Lead remunerations are known from the area of internet comparisons. For example, if an affiliate advertises an insurance comparison and the customer goes through the entire comparison, a corresponding, previously agreed commission is paid.

Examples – When does Pay Per Lead compensation come into question?

  • Sweepstake campaigns
  • Insurance comparisons
  • Insurance contracts
  • Account openings
  • Newsletter subscriptions


Invoicing only takes place after registration, ordering of a newsletter or other customer contact

Fixed commission

Within this remuneration model, there are usually fixed commissions that are already determined before the activity, which is generally a great advantage. The amount is individual and depends on the respective Affiliate-Programm. Another advantage is that it is easier to calculate, as there is no percentage-based remuneration, for example on the basis of an order value. In some cases, however, the commission can be increased by special services. It is not uncommon for merchants to offer an increase in commission for a consistently high number of leads generated. In addition, there are various Affiliate-Programme, where not only contacts can be recruited. In addition, customers can be encouraged to buy. If a customer comes into question as a contact and as a buyer, an increase of the Pay per Lead remuneration is also possible.


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