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Pay per Lifetime

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Through lifetime participation, partners acquire the right to share in revenue in perpetuity. However, the term Pay per Lifetime refers to the time the business exists, not the lifetime of the affiliate. Commissions are paid out as long as the company or product generates sales and profits.

What does Pay per Lifetime mean ?

With a contract that guarantees them lifetime compensation, partners and investors are opting for a long-term source of income. Especially in marketing, this instrument is often used to offer proactive advertisers a compensation, even if the company itself has no budget for the advertising item so far.

Provider with Pay per Lifetime partner programs

  • SuperClix
  • Cleaverreach
  • Webinaris

When is Pay per Lifetime paid out?

The revenue share “for life” is paid out monthly, per quarter or annually, depending on the agreement with the company. If no profits are made, partners cannot receive shares. Negative earnings are not shared. If the business goes bankrupt or is dissolved, the partner has no rights to further payments through properly worded contract agreements.

Examples of lifetime payouts

  • Young startups without a large initial budget
  • Software distributed on an intermediary basis
  • Courses and materials brokered via Networkmarketing
  • Online loan provider

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