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Qualified Google Advertising Professional

What is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional?

The Qualified Google Advertising Professional is a title awarded by Google to people who have proven expertise and experience in search engine marketing. Search engine marketing (search engine advertising, also referred to by the abbreviation SEA ) is one of the important pillars of online marketing with search engines, along with search engine optimization (search engine optimization or SEO). In this process, advertisements are displayed above the search results via search engines and create a click incentive for the prospective customer.

Certification for professionals

Google awards coveted certifications for search engine and advertising professionals. The Qualified Google Advertising Professional is an expert in Google Ads, i.e. ad placement via Google.


One example of why this certificate is so useful is that anyone who runs an advertising agency and lists search engine advertising in the range of services they offer can demonstrate proven expertise via certification. Google supports this of course, because the own search engine can be represented thus as advertising-effective factor.

Become a Qualified Google Advertising Partner

For the certification certain conditions are to be fulfilled, which change again and again. Basically, however, these include:

  • Experience running a GoogleAds account.
  • a certain volume of sales through this account
  • participation in the Professional Program
  • passing an exam

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As Google ad programs continue to change, so do the certifications. For example, has been Qualified Google Advertising Professional replaced by Google AdWords Certification.

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