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The term Scrum is used to describe a method of agile software development. The method is based on the largely autonomous self-organization of the individual teams and daily meetings to record the progress of the project and plan new activities.

What distinguishes the Scrum method?

Scrum represents a type of Project Management Scrum approach, but without the need for a dedicated project manager. Daily meetings of the individual teams and continuous revision are the foundations of successful collaboration. In order to better understand the method, it is first necessary to take a closer look at the roles and meetings. The following roles are assigned to the people participating in the Scrum process:
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    • The product owner is responsible for the conception of the product. He is responsible for the definition of the product features as well as the quality control.
    • The ScrumMaster has the main responsibility for a smooth flow of the entire Scrum process. He prepares the meetings and informs the individual development teams how to organize their work with regard to the basic rules.
    • A development team is composed of interdisciplinary developers and works through the work modules specified by the product owner. The teams focus primarily on the implementation of the specifications and do not have to worry about other aspects of the development process.

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