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Behind the term SaaS4KMU is a SaaS solution that offers SMEs in particular a variety of different advantages. Since the software is provided by an external provider, many additional requirements can be waived in the using company. For example, the using company does not have to invest in an expensive IT infrastructure and does not have to operate its own data center, which usually results in extremely high costs. In addition, there are no costs for regular maintenance of the software and the associated services. They are covered within the scope of the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SaaS solution regulated by a so-called “Service Level Agreement”, which companies can individually adapt to their own requirements and needs. The provider also assumes responsibility for the security and protection of internal company data. In addition to maintenance and data backup, the provider assumes full responsibility for

  • Updates
  • Backup
  • Availability
  • Security
and all other areas directly related to the use of the cloud-based solution.

General information

Modern SaaS solutions are characterized by a variety of different advantages from which small and medium-sized businesses in particular can benefit. Software products based on this concept can usually be used on many different devices. In addition to laptop and desktop PCs, cloud-based applications can also be used on tablets and smartphones. Special software products that used to have to be purchased individually for each operating system can now be operated via SaaS4KMU in the Cloud. Companies can thus save on valuable manpower and focus entirely on their core business, which in many cases leads to an increase in productivity.

Software in the subscription model

SMEs often have a rather small budget for the purchase and maintenance of software products. This is exactly where SaaS4KMU can score with numerous advantages. The software system is not purchased on a license basis, but within the framework of a subscription model, which enables accurate cost control. Extremely high acquisition costs are eliminated with this model. Also, costs for IT specialists such as developers and admins do not arise with SaaS solutions. Because the software is usually used as a web application or smartphoneApp, it does not have to be installed on each individual end device, but is often available immediately. This model also eliminates the costs of acquiring new hardware, which are associated with the operation of a new software product. Since the software is operated in the provider’s data center

, the provider is responsible for its availability and smooth operation.

Focus on core business

SaaS4KMU convinces with high availability and all-round support for a fixed amount. When the subscription is taken out, all the requirements and needs of the company are taken into account individually. Such a subscription model can be flexibly terminated depending on the provider, which additionally optimizes cost control. Possible options are, for example:
  • automatic cancellation of the contract, after reaching certain parameters
  • flexible monthly cancellation periods
  • many other options

This model is particularly suitable for SMEs that are looking to expand and are in the growth phase, as it removes the need to commit to a particular solution that may prove unworkable over time.


SaaS4KMU is a high-performance Cloud solution for SMEs that offers numerous advantages.

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