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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Scriptkiddie is a mostly pejorative term for less experienced hackers who try to gain access to networks using existing scripts. Characteristically, Scriptkiddies do no programming of their own. They use existing programs, for example, to make an impression among friends or in hacker communities.

What is a Scriptkiddie?

In summary, Scriptkiddies have the following characteristics:

  • inexperienced in programming
  • use already existing scripts or programs
  • do not follow hacker ethics
  • pursue short-term goals

The negative term Scriptkiddie is used especially in the hacker and programmer scene. An alternative term is skiddie. In general, Scriptkiddies are regarded as young people who cannot write scripts or programs themselves due to a lack of experience. However, the term is used regardless of age.

Furthermore, it is characteristic that Scriptkiddies usually have short-term motives and do not follow the overarching ethical hacking principles. These include a long-term pursuit of knowledge and education, and respect for the hacking or programming skills of others. A Scriptkiddie acquires only the most necessary knowledge to be able to perform very targeted activities.

What damage do Scriptkiddies do?

The intentions of Scriptkiddies tend to be to penetrate computer networks or websites and destroy or influence them.


In principle, even a Scriptkiddie can cause a great deal of damage despite lacking experience or programming knowledge. They also face comparable legal consequences (depending on age) as professional hackers.

Scriptkiddie s typically get caught often. This is due to the fact that as beginners they often leave traces. In particular, attempts to penetrate networks of large companies are detected by their IT security measures if they are not careful.

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