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Security Misconfiguration

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Security Misconfiguration is defined as not implementing all security controls for a server or web application, or implementing security controls but having them flawed or incomplete. What a company considers a secure environment actually has dangerous gaps or flaws that put the company and users of a App or software at risk.

What are the dangers?

Improper server or web application configuration can lead to various errors:
  • Debugging enabled.
  • Incorrect access permissions.
  • Using default accounts or passwords.
  • Setup / configuration pages enabled.

These errors can cause all user data to be stolen or slowly changed over time.

Current security standards for Apps and softwares often do not serve the security of users and their data. On the contrary, programmers must specifically implement security measures to avoid access to private or confidential resources.

How can Security Misconfiguration be avoided?

The principle of compartmentalization is an important step: by default, everything is disabled.

  • Disable management interfaces.
  • Disable debugging.
  • Disable the use of default accounts / passwords.
  • Configure the server to prevent unauthorized access to data.
  • Perform regular checks to detect future misconfigurations or missing patches early.

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