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Successful companies make sure that they are remembered positively by their customers. The tagline is a marketing tool that brands use to anchor certain characteristics in the consumer’s memory.

What is a tagline?

A tagline is a usually short and memorable phrase

used in advertising and marketing. Originally derived from the English verb “to tag” (to tag) and “line” was originally used to describe subtitles in films and to illustrate a very dramatic scene. In marketing, pithy taglines are used to keep a brand or company permanently in the minds of consumers. Well-known examples of taglines are:
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  • “I love it” by McDonald’s.
  • “For the joy of driving” from BMW
  • “Think different” by Apple.

What are the characteristics?

Taglines highlight the differences between a brand or an entire company and its competitors. They are usually very short and sometimes controversial. Successful taglines, because they are memorable, often consist of only two or three words (Think Different). Taglines are used in all communication channels and in every marketing activity in order to strengthen the anchoring in the consumer’s memory.

Differences between taglines and slogans

While taglines

are meant to highlight and identify an entire company or brand in its entirety, a slogan is used to describe the benefits of a specific product. However, the transitions can be fluid. The tagline “Natreen makes sweet life easier”, refers to both the brand and Natreen’s sweetener.

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