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Theme Based Website

What is Theme Based Website?

A Theme Based Website is the theme of a website that determines its look and style. The theme consists of a number of things, such as fonts and font sizes, color scheme, and other areas that affect the aesthetics of the website. The theme helps in reflecting the identity on a website and thereby optimizing the customer experience.

Theme Based Website Recognition

The theme as well as the plugins of a website

can be found through the so-called source code. If you right-click anywhere on the web page and then click on “Inspect” and then “Sources” and “WP Content”, you will find the style. There you will find the style sheet in ccs. format with the name of the theme, the author and other details. The plugins used in the plugins folder can be found in the WP Content.

Difference between theme and plugin

A theme is an external effect like the presentation and design of a website, while a plugin

is an internal effect that adds or removes some features from a page. Theme organizes and displays the entire information of a page to make it transparent to the visitors.

Theme Element

The theme of a theme based website

can display content wherever it should actually be displayed. It can specify which devices or actions make the content visible. It is even possible to customize typography and design elements using CSS. Other design elements such as images and videos can be included anywhere in the theme.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing for a theme based website.

Choosing a theme can be gigantic, as there are plenty of free as well as paid options available for download or purchase. However, since it is essentially the website – the brand – it also directly affects the user experience. Therefore, these tips can help to choose a great theme based website

for the targeted business needs:

What is K.I.S.S.?

This acronym stands for the English “Keep it simple, stupid

“, which in German means “keep it light and stupid”. It is important to keep the website presence with flat designs, i.e. with a minimalistic approach. Busy websites (e.g., with Flash animations, fancy features) take the user back from the desired call to action and cause headaches when navigating.

Developer Support Availability

Availability is not something many think about, although it is something to consider when choosing a theme. Usually, themes not only need to be installed, but appropriate updates

need to be made. Most theme marketplaces include information about the developer as well as a log of all updates that have been released for that theme.

Mobile Readiness

Just about all popular modern website themes are responsive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the excellent mobile experience is guaranteed. There are many websites that pass the Google mobile test, yet provide a poor user experience because they are worthless on smaller screens, for example. The theme should therefore be highly adaptable and compatible for conversion on a desktop or laptop computer


Cross Browser Compatibility

Testing the theme based website

is an important step in all proven web browsers. With so many different devices, browsers and operating systems, testing can ensure that the theme provides the same user experience and functionality for all. There are many free tools and resources available online, as well as paid options that offer a free trial.

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