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Trash Traffic

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Trash Traffic?

This term is used to describe the proportion of visits to a website that are the result of deliberate or inadvertent misdirection and which are not actually interested in the content of the page. Users leave the site immediately and thus generate a high Bounce Rate. Trash Traffic does not bring any added value to users or serious website operators.

How is Trash Traffic created ?

In most cases, the emergence of this type of traffic is a deliberately chosen action. This is to artificially increase page views in order to earn money through the pay-per-view concept with advertising. One particularly common method used to achieve this goal is misleading banners on other websites. The banner either makes false promises about the content of the link or is designed in such a way that it is mistaken for a button.

Methods and causes of Trash Traffic

  • Use of misleading keywords
  • spam bots
  • Auto-surf systems
  • Hot Linking
  • Error messages
  • Warnings
  • Download buttons

PreventTrash Traffic

Useless traffic can also occur by accident in some cases. Incorrect information in the meta tags or misleading, incorrect information in a text are two of the possible causes. Even typos are sometimes responsible for the useless traffic.


An onlineShop with jewelry and watches often uses the term “time” in its texts, but misspells it as “primeval time” several times. Users searching for the historical epoch of prehistoric times arrive undesirably at an onlineShop that is of no interest to them.

A high Bounce Rate has a negative impact on the ranking at Google. Incorrect content also frustrates users. Therefore, content that generates useless traffic should be avoided at all costs.


Organic traffic is natural visits to pages that are not generated by misleading content or banners, nor via paid advertising. High organic traffic is due to high quality search engine optimization and good content.
Google Analytics provides information on Bounce Rate. A value below 50% is desirable. If the value is above this, spam in the content could be a cause.

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