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Tree structure

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A tree structure is a structure in computer science that consists of nodes and edges, inner nodes and leaves. It received its name because it has a very close resemblance to a tree. It is used wherever a specific element has to be searched for within a large amount of data.

Tree structure in online marketing

Different sections of a website can be arranged logically and hierarchically and then evaluated. Especially in online marketing, many websites have subpages, which in turn can be subdivided into subsections. So it is not easy to find the right thing if no systematic search is done and the right method is used. With the help of the tree structure it is very easy to make an outline, to filter the target and to evaluate the relevant data.

Further tasks and variants

Searching, removing and inserting modules – this is how the most important tasks can be summarized. Search actions that are carried out manually as well as via a linear structure require far too much time. Here the branched tree structure is much more effective. The typical example for a linear structure is a list.

In practice, different structure variants are used. These are for example:

  • Binary trees
  • complete binary trees
  • binomial trees or
  • empty trees


The tree structure is one of the most important elements in computer science. By using a tree structure (very often represented in the form of graphs), one has the possibility to filter and evaluate data in a structured way. This type of analysis is also particularly suitable when hierarchical relationships are to be read and described…

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