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Tweet Indexing

What is Tweet Indexing?

The term Tweet Indexing refers to the Indexing of Tweets K, i.e. the short messages of the social media platform Twitter. On the one hand, this indexing is done by Twitter itself. In addition to this internal indexing, there is also the indexing of the search engines Google and Bing. Twitter posts around 6,000 tweets per second and over 500 million tweets per day, with an upward trend. Despite this enormous amount of data, the Tweet Indexing allows quick access to interesting tweets.

How does the internal Tweet Indexing work ?

Twitter’s goal is to create a tweet index that captures all short messages since the platform was founded in 2006. The basis for the collection is a modified real-time index. Twitter works with batch files that store all tweets published on a given day. The data is then fed into a system based on Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop allows large amounts of data to be processed simultaneously on multiple computers. This allows to store additional information about the tweets, for example the reaction of users to tweets, favorites, retweets and much more. The totality of this information enables the subsequent evaluation of each tweet. Following the processing of the data, the index is built. This is done by inverting the data from the Hadoop system and storing it in segments. The storage in segments makes it possible to search the index for individual tweets without having to search the entire data set for this purpose.

How does the external Tweet Indexing work through search engines?

The two search engines Google and Bing have contracted Tweet Indexing with Twitter. This means that these search engines also display matching tweets in their organic search results. The search engines receive the corresponding data stream from Twitter in the form of a streaming API. Thanks to this API it is possible for Google and Bing to access the short messages posted on Twitter in real time.

What is the importance of Tweet Indexing for social media marketing?

The first thing to note is that the collaboration of search engines, Twitter and businesses benefits all three. Organic search results from Google and Bing automatically drive more traffic to Twitter. This makes Twitter more interesting as an advertising partner, because behind every user is a potential customer. Companies have the opportunity to provide interesting content or links on Twitter. However, search engines do not treat all tweets the same. It is very unlikely that the tweet of a medium-sized company will be displayed. Only tweets from top influencers and well-known brands enjoy the privilege of appearing on the first page of Google- or Bing- searches. A large sporting goods manufacturer from Herzogenaurach has better chances here than the alterations tailor shop from Niederömeln. Since tweets should be found on the first page of search results and a place is reserved for them there, it is more difficult for smaller companies in particular to land among the first search results. As a strategy, it is advisable for companies to resort to links and call-to-actions, as these can increase the ranking and thus lead to high Conversion rates.

Tweet Indexing in a nutshell

  • Internal indexing by Twitter itself
  • External indexing by Google and Bing
  • Real-time access to huge amount of data
  • Especially important for big brands

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